Business Law

At Bruce & Birklein Law, our lawyers can advise you in determining the best way to organize your business to meet your needs.

Forms of Organizations

A business may be organized in many different forms:

  • sole proprietorship
  • partnership - general or limited
  • corporation


A corporation is owned by its shareholders who are people that buy shares in the business. It is managed by the directors and officers, who may or may not be shareholders.

There are several advantages to incorporating your business, but there are also some disadvantages. Call our lawyers to determine what is the best option for you.

Our Services

Once you have determined it is best to incorporate, our offices have the experience to assist you. We will advise you through the process of:

  • choosing a name for your corporation
  • obtaining a NUANS Report for a named company
  • submitting "Articles of Incorporation"
  • obtaining approval by regulatory bodies
  • filing a "Notice of Address"
  • filing a "Notice of Directors"
  • obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation
  • having the Directors adopt the by-laws and having the shareholders confirm them
  • having the shares issued
  • having the officers appointed
  • ordering a corporate seal
  • appointing an accountant, and possibly auditors
  • advising you on your responsibilities to keep your company active at the Corporate Registry
  • filing Annual Returns
  • advising the Registry of any changes

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to our offices via our online form, or by telephone at 403-879-1912, to obtain a no-obligation quote, and to obtain any advice that you require to make a decision as to whether incorporation is appropriate for you.