Protecting Your Property Division Rights

Separation and divorce are among the most distressing situations that anyone will ever go through in life. Emotions run high, and much is at risk in dividing property and debt. If you are struggling through this difficult life event, the lawyers at Bruce & Birklein Law can provide you with personal support and legal advocacy to make it successfully through the process.

Backing You Up With Care And Support

Every property division case is unique, and the laws governing them can be complex. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible for you. When you turn to our firm for help, we provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can:

  • Feel free to express your needs and goals
  • Ask as many questions as you want
  • Get easy-to-understand explanations about your options
  • Receive understanding, emotionally supportive help and advice

Know Your Rights. Get Fair Treatment.

Our goal is to protect your rights in the division of your matrimonial property. We use the law to help you start the next stage of your life on as fair and advantageous a footing as possible. We provide the legal advice you need to navigate such issues as:

  • Equitable division of marital property and debts
  • Protecting exempt property
  • Valuation of pensions, retirement savings plans (RSP) and other investments
  • Arranging unequal divisions
  • Determining occupancy of the matrimonial home
  • Navigating marital agreements that fail to meet formal requirements
  • Advice for same-sex couples

Guidance For Common Law Couples

Our firm can also provide legal guidance for cohabiting couples. Although there is no specific law governing property division for unmarried couples in Alberta, you may be able to draw on other provincial and federal legislation to protect your rights when the relationship ends. Our lawyers can determine which of these laws apply and, wherever possible, make a claim to gain you a fair share of property to which you contributed during the relationship.

Get The Help You Need To Protect Your Rights

We encourage you to come in for a no-charge, no-commitment initial consultation at our Calgary office. You'll receive straightforward explanations and help on how to proceed. Free parking is available. Arrange an appointment today by calling us at 403-879-1912 or via our site's online form.