Residential Sales

Residential Sales

There are many matters that you should consider when listing and selling your house. At Bruce & Birklein Law our lawyers are prepared to give you friendly and sound advice before signing any agreements with respect to the sale of your home.

Listing Agreements

If you use a realtor, you will be asked to sign a "Listing Agreement." Listing Agreements:

  • establish the realtor's commission rate
  • state the length of time the realtor has to sell your home

Real Estate Purchase Contracts

Before unconditionally accepting any Offer, our offices can assist you in such matters as:

  • advising you on the amount of the Buyer's deposit
  • advising you on any conditions that you may require
  • advising you on the reasonableness of the Buyer's conditions
  • ensuring all representations and warranties are able to be met
  • confirming that all fixtures that you wish to retain are clearly indicated

A conditional offer means there is no binding contract until all conditions are met. Once all the conditions in the Agreement are met or waived, binding legal obligations are created. These obligations can only be changed with the written consent of you and the Buyer.


Once you have an unconditional offer for the sale of your home, Bruce and Birklein Law has years of experience in ensuring that your transaction proceeds in an efficient and professional manner. We will:

  • advise you on matters relating to Real Property Reports and municipal compliance
  • advise you on matters relating to utility accounts and automatic debits
  • ensure you maintain insurance until you receive your net sale proceeds
  • pay real estate commissions
  • pay and remove financial encumbrances
  • adjust for property taxes, condominium fees and homeowner association fees

Contact our offices

At Bruce and Birklein Law we are pleased to provide you with an no-obligation quote and to answer any questions that you may have regarding the sale of your home. We are available via our online form or by telephone at 403-879-1912. Call us today, or stop by our offices in Quarry Park, as our location offers plenty of free parking.