Managing The Complexities Of Estate Litigation

Resolving disputes over the estate of a deceased requires a strategic approach, but also a sensitive one. When families and assets collide, all parties have much at stake — not only financially, but also emotionally and interpersonally.

At Bruce & Birklein Law, we care deeply about our clients. We believe that beyond a legal solution, you need an advisor with the insight to balance your legal goals, given the spectrum of financial and emotional issues at risk during litigation.

Advice And Support Through The Estate Litigation Process

Our lawyers have years of experience helping families in Calgary, Alberta, resolve estate disputes. Conflict can arise for many reasons. Whether you are putting forward a claim or you need to make a defence against a claim, we can help you navigate such matters as:

  • Applications to vary the terms of an unjust will
  • Disagreements among heirs
  • Breach of trust or mismanagement by executors
  • Disputes over who should administer the estate
  • Mistakes and improperly drafted wills
  • Claims that a will is invalid
  • Claims of undue influence or challenges to the mental capacity of the testator
  • Interpretation of ambiguous will terms
  • Fraudulent conveyances of estate assets

Our approach is to provide support that is both professional and personal. We will take the time to answer all your questions. We will guide you through all your options and help you analyze the risks and opportunities of each. We will stand by you through every stage of the process.

Get A Legal Opinion On Your Case

Our lawyers are ready to provide a professional legal opinion on your case. It's the first step to help you assess your options and know how to proceed. Arrange a complimentary, no-obligation consultation at our Calgary office by calling 403-879-1912 or by requesting an appointment through our online form. Our office provides free parking.