Facilitating Probate And Estate Administration

Death brings on a flood of legal, financial and personal tasks that must be handled before a deceased's estate can be closed. Without legal knowledge and experience, the process can be overwhelming.

The lawyers at Bruce & Birklein Law can step in and take over your burden. We have years of experience helping families in Calgary, Alberta, sort through the process and address problems that may arise during the management of a deceased's estate.

Navigating The Legal System On Your Behalf

Part of our firm's service is to make the appropriate Court application to move the estate's management forward. If a Will exists, we can help you obtain a Grant of Probate. If the deceased dies without a Will, if there is no personal representative or if the appointed representative is unwilling or unable to act, we can help you obtain a Grant of Administration. We have had plenty of experience obtaining both types of grants on an expedited basis.

Advice And Support For Personal Representatives

If you are an appointed personal representative (or executor), our lawyers can provide the legal guidance you need to carry out your duties. We can advise you on how to limit your personal liability as you carry out such tasks as:

  • Compiling, valuing and disclosing estate assets
  • Locating creditors and paying estate debts
  • Filing and paying estate taxes
  • Locating estate heirs
  • Distributing assets in a timely, organized manner

Problems Arising From The Estate's Administration

If you suspect that an appointed personal representative is mismanaging his or her duties, our lawyers can investigate the matter and bring it before the Court for review.

Resolving the conflict may involve obtaining a more detailed accounting or it may mean making an application to have the personal representative replaced. Whatever the case, we can help you navigate the complexities and pursue the matter through to the end.

Get Help With Probate Or Estate Administration

We offer a no-obligation initial consultation. This complimentary session allows you to discuss your case and get a professional legal opinion. Arrange one today through our online form or by calling our office at 403-879-1912. Parking at the office is free.